Service Expirations

To prevent accidental loss of service, you should check your mailbox regularly, and review your renewal page often. To see which services in your account have expired or are expiring in the next 90 days, please view your Renew Services page here.

Expiration Notice Schedule

We regularly send email notices to keep our customers well-informed of impending expirations. Expiration notices are sent:

  • 90 days prior to expiration
  • 60 days prior to expiration
  • 30 days prior to expiration
  • One week prior to expiration
  • On the date of expiration
  • On the date of service deletion at the end of the grace period

It is strongly recommended to renew your services when you receive your first expiration warning. Renewing a service extends its expiration date by one year, so you should renew as early as possible to avoid accidental loss of service. To make sure you receive these notices, please ensure our and addresses are fully whitelisted in your anti-spam filters, and ensure the email on file for your account is always up-to-date.

Grace Periods

This table displays the expiration grace period for each of our services. In most cases, you have 30 days to renew an expired service. However, some services have only a five-day grace period, and others have no grace period at all (they are deleted immediately).

Service Grace Period
Dynamic DNS Pro None
Dyn Standard DNS 30 days
Secondary DNS 30 days
Recursive DNS 30 days
Dyn Standard SMTP 30 days
Dyn Email Forward 30 days
Dyn Email Backup MX 30 days
Dyn Email Gateway 30 days
Domain Registration Varies (More info)
Secret Registration Tied to domain registration
SSL Certificates 30 days
Spring Server 5 days
Premier Support case None

When a service expires, it stops functioning immediately, even if the service has a grace period. The grace period allows you to renew your services without losing the previous settings, such as records in Dyn Standard DNS. If you allow a service to fully expire, it will be removed from the database. Recovery of expired services may be possible depending on the service and circumstances, but cannot be guaranteed. You can learn more about service recovery options on our Premier Support page.

Domain registrations have special rules for expirations, which vary from TLD to TLD. Click here to view our article on domain registration expirations. Premier Support cases cannot be renewed, though you may purchase a new case at any time. Services without a grace period cannot be renewed once they have expired. You may purchase a new service at any time, such as Dynamic DNS Pro or Premier Support cases, to resume service.

Automatic Renewals

You may configure services in your account for automatic renewal at any time on the Auto Renew Settings page. Services are renewed two weeks prior to service expiration. You must have a valid credit card on file to use automatic renewals.