Why Choose DynDNS.com?

DynDNS.com is a focused and savvy DNS provider, specializing in dynamic DNS and complementary services.

Dyn is a private, internally funded and growing company. We have no investors looking over our shoulder and no stock value to worry about. Our focus is on running an efficient and profitable organization and passing these savings on to our customers. We are technologists who extract maximum value to deliver high quality services.

Quality of Service: High performance that keeps you connected

These services don't have glitz or glamour. They just work.

Our DNS, mail, and other services leverage custom-modified open-source projects for speed, security, and performance. We write an intuitive web interface so you can better understand the technology and spend less time administering your services. We use our own services extensively, for both personal sites and company operations.

Technical Support: Stateside, English speaking experts

Your call is never routed overseas — you receive knowledgeable in-house support.

Whether you are just learning about DNS or are an expert, DynDNS.com offers the highest level of support. Our support engineers are specialists, trained by other support engineers and operations staff, and they work in our New Hampshire, USA office. When you call, they don't read from scripts but individually respond to your queries and provide valuable support whenever you need it.

Reliability: Uptime means no failure

Uptime translates to better performance and service for our customers and their users.

DynDNS.com has proven expertise in operating a global, fault-tolerant network. Since its inception in 2001, our DNS network has been operating uninterrupted with 100% uptime. We help keep our customers' systems always connected and running, giving them uninterrupted service.

Some of our clients

An eclectic mix of enterprise and home users.

Anadarko, Atlanta.com, Bodum, Breitling, Cable News Network (CNN), dotCoop Tld., The Mozilla Foundation, Netnanny, Odeo, Subway, Twitter and, of course, two million dedicated, passionate, adventurous individuals who have been kind enough to honor us with mentions on Lifehacker, Slashdot, the O'Reilly Network, Business Week, and many more.