Domain Name Service (DNS)

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Imagine today's complex business world without address books, telephone directories, and speed dials. We would be limited to cumbersome pieces of paper with scribbled notes of telephone numbers and addresses. Then, apply this lack of organization and information to the globally developed Internet. Trying to remember the IP address of Internet sites and services would be next to impossible.

With address books or scribbled telephone numbers, loss of that address book or number makes us unable to communicate with each other. As DNS is how people direct computers to connect to each other, it is the first link in communication on the Internet. Uptime and reliability are of the utmost importance.

This is where our core competency, domain name service, plays a role. Each time you type into your web browser, DNS quickly looks up the address of the site you are requesting for the corresponding IP address, The domain name system serves other functions as well. It makes e-mail, remote access, sharing photos or documents, web sites and webcasting feasible, with easier implementation, control, and flexibility.